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Immunity Synergy


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A healthy immune system maintains quality of life. Our Immunity synergy blend of  clove bud, Scotch pine, lemon, niaouli, peppermint, and tea tree protects against virus and flu as well as speeds  convalescence if you have already succumbed to them. Useful during Winter months for prevention.

Add 5-10 drops to one tablespoon of your favourite carrier or organic shea butter. Apply to chest and back, up to twice per day for prevention and up to four times per day to relieve symptoms of respiratory illness in addition to seeking professional medical care. Use 4-6 drops of pure Immunity synergy in a diffuser as a room purifier or use 1-2 drops in basin of gently steaming water with towel over head to inhale the vapours.

Ingredients: clove bud, Scotch pine, lemon, niaouli, peppermint, tea tree

Disclaimer: Dilute before use. Consult a qualified practitioner before taking internally. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. The information listed above is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to treat, prevent, diagnose, or cure any diseases.

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