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BULK Melissa Hydrosol

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eMelissa hydrosol is a wonderfully lemony and refreshing scent! Known for its calming effect on the body, Melissa hydrosol eases anxiety and stress. These same calming properties aid the digestive system, easing digestive upsets, bloating, and cramping.

Immune-stimulating and infection-fighting properties make this hydrosol a must during allergy and flu season. In a skin care routine, Melissa hydrosol is mildly astringent and can be used as a toner for oily skin. Additionally, this hydrosol calms skin irritation, rash, poison ivy/oak, and eczema. Its anti-inflammatory properties combat the signs of aging and are perfect for after sun care.

Add 1-2 cups of Melissa hydrosol to your bath to relieve menstrual cramps, or add a teaspoon to your water bottle to help with digestive issues. Spritz in your home to relieve stress.

Cultivation method: ecoagriculture
Latin name: melissa officinalis
Country of origin: Canada
Extraction method: steam distillation
Part distilled: flowering tops

Disclaimer: Consult your physician before taking internally. The information listed above is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to treat, prevent, or cure any diseases.

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